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April Catch up!

Well that went by in a blur! April has been and gone, but I couldn't not write about my amazing experience in The Netherlands. Myself and my husband, brother and sister-in-law all went away for 10 days (which is unheard of for us). A chunk of that time was spent at Keukenhof, in hyacinth fields and just generally oohing over flowers.

Sophie (my sister-in-law who also freelances for me) and I visited Royal FloraHolland to see the live auctions - what an experience a) to drive in a foreign country (not for me!), and b) to see the auction on that scale - just something you can't believe until you see it.

We were also lucky enough to visit Hoek Flowers where I source my flowers. I always say that generally people are shocked when they see into the floristry world and how much effort goes into creating a floral design, but this really showed us the journeys the flowers go on before they even get to me. It was amazing to see how robots are now used to get the correct flowers all together to then be packed and sent to customers.

Keukenhof had the most amazing array of tulips, narcissi, blossom and other spring blooms and I'm sure I spent all day saying 'wow'. You can see some of the blousiest, most extra tulips in some of my pictures, as well as some that were absolute giants. If you ever go to Holland, I would definitely recommend going and I'm sure you will come home with a list bigger than you need of new varieties to try next year! There was a rose exhibition on whilst we were there, so we were able to see so many different varieties of cut roses - giving me all the excitement for the upcoming wedding season!

Of course general life carried on, with more renovation plans along with a university deadline (I hate those) and as usual pottering on the patch. Seeds were sown and plants started to harden off, weeding of beds began, but as we all know this never really ends!

May update pending, but let's just be impressed that I've found the time to reflect on April first!

Ruth xx

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