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Photo by Jack Aldridge

About Me

I'm Ruth, I live in rural Dorset with my husband Leigh and two dogs, Lola and Bonnie. We have recently moved and are just at the beginning of a big renovation journey, whilst also converting my very own flower van.

Anyone who has ever known me, will know that I am slightly obsessed by everything flowers...

I grew up growing our own veg and flowers, and this has stuck with me and if anything the satisfaction from growing your own has just got stronger. I was always going out to the garden and picking anything I could to bring the joy inside.

After my own wedding in 2019, I was completely inspired by the flowers and brought every single one home with me - I clung onto them for as long as they would last and even dried some hydrangeas that still have.

During the Covid pandemic, I really decided to take my floristry a bit more seriously and I haven't looked back, doing freelance work as well as my own weddings since then.

For a few years now I have been learning different techniques and trying to work in the most sustainable way, using reusable materials where possible. I use a mixture of flowers in my designs, including my own home grown flowers as well as British flowers from local flower farmers.

Despite my love for all things flowers, this isn't my full time job. I work in the NHS as an Occupational Therapy Apprentice, and am now almost 2 years into a 4 year degree. I have a passion for this as well; enabling people to live in their own homes as comfortably as possible, and keeping them doing the things they love. My ultimate goal once I qualify as an Occupational Therapist is to continue doing this, as well as my floristry part time, and if the two could ever merge it would be a dream!! 

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