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2024 is here!

Well 2024 has arrived and this year is a bit different for us. I started off with the intention of writing a blog every month last year, but that went by the wayside with life taking over. Let's see how we get on this year...

I hope everyone has had a wonderful Christmas and New Year. We had a slightly different one this year as little Oakley arrived on Christmas Day 2023 and we couldn't be happier. He is an absolute gorgeous nugget of joy and we are well and truly in the newborn baby bubble. That said, being on maternity leave late last year meant I could crack on with wreaths and Christmas floristry albeit a bit earlier than I would usually. Although I am taking a little break from flowering as such, I'm busy behind the scenes with admin and planning all of the gorgeous weddings I have to flower this year. It's set to be my biggest year yet, so I'm planning to get Oakley used to the sling and flowers in his face asap!

Meanwhile, hubby has been busy with the house renovations and building my workshop - we have come a long way with so many projects on the go at one time and I'm pleased to say the workshop is so close to completion and I can't wait to have a space that is entirely my own and built for purpose. Of course the seed sowing started last autumn, and although some haven't fared too well in some recent storms (greenhouse car crash), I've got some strong looking ranunculus and sweet peas. Soon it'll be time to start sowing again and I can't wait for the growing year ahead.

Catch up soon, Ruth xx

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