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March 2023 - Getting stuff done!

So we have finally arrived at the Spring equinox - hooray! After the madness of Mother's Day this year (thank you again to everyone who ordered), I finally have some down time from my NHS job, and even a few days off uni this week, to focus on building my little business. I have been meaning to get on with making a website for months now, perhaps even a year or more (as my good friend Sarah will assure you!) and finally here we are. Still some work to do with adding galleries of weddings and other services I offer, but Rome wasn't built in a day, right?!

Anyway, thank you for visiting my website and my blog., How fancy! I thought this might be a nice space for future couples and really anyone who is interested about getting a bit more of an insight into my crazy life, and of course the floristry that goes with it.

My first free day has been spent going through wedding consultations, updating quotes and making new ones as well as finalising bits for the website. I have also finally made some business cards, so I am looking forward to when someone asks me if I have one! Leigh (my husband for those of you who don't know me) and I have also just traded in our much loved estate car for a van, to make life a bit easier when travelling around with wedding flower and props.

A bit of an update of where I am in life at the moment for those of you who don't know me personally... In October last year we moved into our long term project house in a small village called Milton Abbas (yes, the one with the chocolate box houses on the hill, and no, we don't live in one of those!). Leigh and I have been renovating what we can ourselves, but like I said it is definitely a long term project and at the moment we don't know where to start. Meanwhile, I am still powering through my university work and am in year 2 of 4. I manage to fit in flowering when I can, and out of season I potter in the field and poly tunnel to get my plant babies for the outside world so they can bloom into life for summer. This week I even harvested my first sweet pea (I'm not sure how I did that either!).

As always, thank you, and if you'd like to get in touch please do.

Until next time, Ruth xx

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